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Less Stress More Success

Are you a small business owner? Or are you relatively new to running your own business?

Or do you work in an industry where the pressures of the job lead to feelings of stress and fatigue?

Do you at times lack energy, focus and clarity?

Do you end up in worry mode which impacts on poor sleep?

Would you like to learn highly effective tried and tested mindset techniques that would set you apart from the rest?

Then come and join me for an entire day in Cheshire on Friday 19th October in a beautiful location.

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Less Stress More Success

Here at Change For Success We Corporate Stress Management Training& Resilience Workshops


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Do You Resonate With The Following? –


Staff regularly burnt out? Absenteeism at an all time high? Long term staff sickness due to stress?Low staff morale and poor staff communication?
How is this impacting on your business? How much is it costing you?
What if sales, productivity and turnover were to rocket?
What would a happier team look like with improved morale and increased energy and motivation?


I teach highly effective and proven stress management techniques. This will have a direct impact on improved morale and reduction in stress levels and staff absenteeism. This in turn increases productivity and turnover.

Prior to running my own business, I had over 13 years experience of being in one of the most stressed out jobs, managing caseloads of high risk offenders. There was no wellbeing support, and I suffered as a result.

Throughout my career I witnessed eye watering levels of staff absenteeism. Morale was on the floor and staff retention was poor and burn out was rife. This cost staggering amounts of money. This is how not to get the best out of teams.

I teach the exact opposite. I help you and your staff raise your game and totally excel in what you do.

If anything you have read resonates with you don’t hesitate to get in contact to see how we can help.

We Design Bespoke Workshop Packages To Suit Your Requirements.
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Some of the principal benefits of attending workshops include:-

  • Understand what stress is and how it can affect health, levels of concentration and work-life balance.
  • Learning practical skills to combat stress in the workplace. This is interactive and is both interesting and informative.
  • Useful tools can be learnt to help with work pressures.
  • An insight into how the mind works and how we can apply this understanding and knowledge to reducing our stress levels and being happier and more content in the workplace.
  • Delegates are provided with relaxation and visualisation techniques.
  • Learn new positive ways in which we can reduce stress and develop other skills such as confidence, assertiveness or time management skills.
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