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What can I say. I went into this with an open mind and have been completely blown away by the results. I was suffering from Insomnia, anxiety and pretty crippling confidence issues. Janine worked with me to deal with the root causes in a very professional and supportive way. I am a complete convert and hypnotherapy is certainly the way forward. It truly has changed my life for the better! Thank You Janine. Mike, Manchester 

Janine helped me at a time when my confidence was at its lowest and my anxiety was getting in the way of exam success. I was retaking an exam for the third time and dealing with resentment, anxiety, anger and OCD symptoms. I wanted to kick every bin I saw, my anxiety resulted in breathlessness and it took me 20 minutes to leave the house as I had to check every plug socket over and over again. I was desperate for help and so I contacted Change for Success.

We worked through a range of techniques to give me back control of my emotions. We used visual relaxation techniques to help me sleep and to focus on the day. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) immediately stopped my compulsive behaviour after one session. A reframing session allowed me to determine where my perfectionism stemmed from and to turn a negative memory into a positive one.

I honestly felt like I would have imploded without her help. However, instead I passed my exam. I am actually looking forward to the next one and I am excelling professionally and personally. Janine helped me to open up about my feelings and I have since been able to share a blog about my own battle with resilience which has resulted in other people getting professional help. If you feel for one second that you might need some help yourself, I would highly recommend Janine at Change for Success – it changed my life for the better. Lucy, Manchester

Working with Janine has been such a rewarding journey. In just 3 months, I feel like I have a whole new perspective on myself, my abilities and the direction I now want to go in with my career. Janine has helped me to overcome some of the limiting beliefs I have held over myself for years, and she has also taught me how I can carry that forward by myself. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Janine, I have always felt so comfortable during all of the sessions and hope to continue on this upward journey! Erin, Cheshire

What can I say about Janine and EFT. Where do I start? I am a 29 year old with bipolar disorder and compulsive thinking. I seem to keep making the same mistakes over and over, especially with men. Not that I wanted to admit it, but I clearly had underlined issues and the same thing kept happening to me. It got to the point when I was completely consumed by an ex, that I started to see this pattern. I went through a rollercoaster through my therapy with Janine. She was with me every step of the way. She brought up my underlying issue that I don’t like rejection and that I didn’t go for men who wanted me because I wanted to go for men like my dad. She taught me to accept the past and work through what came up.

People close to me pretty much straight away said you seem different since you have had EFT and sessions with Janine. It wasn’t a easy journey because it brought a lot into my present I had to face and clear. One day you just wake up different, well I did. Everything has changed and I am more me than I ever have been. I have always let things slide for the wrong men. For the first time since being 19 I know what I want and deserve and I won’t settle for now. As soon as I accepted this and let my ex go and the issues, I started putting my energy into my passions and my son. As I write this I am the happiest I have been. Janine’s become not just an angel to me, but a close friend. She accepted me for me and she’s helped me change years of the same BS into positives. 

I have tried all therapy. EFT and hypnosis with Janine is by far the best. It wasn’t over night but then one day all of a sudden I felt different and I’m not looking back any more. She’s a star what she gives to people and I shout about her to anyone who will listen 💜💜💜💜 Anon, Manchester 

After years of serious addiction to sugar I approached Janine for help. Little did I know how powerful this would be! I released emotions of guilt ,stupidity and disappointment. As a yoga teacher I felt that the addiction to sugar was contradictory to the pure life of a yogi. After just 1 session I felt the guilt lift! The bad habits of a lifetime being raised in a sweet shop recognised and the routes of choosing sugar as a comfort registered, I soon proceeded to feel stronger. Janine was so professional helping me through every emotion. She equipped me with the tools to continue the EFT journey after our sessions. Many thanks Janine.  Debbie, Manchester

I can wholeheartedly recommend Janine’s EFT therapy sessions. I was struggling with anxiety around my studying last year for my new career. But together we spoke to my subconscious to find out where the self-limiting beliefs came from around studying. I then caught up with my studies in a really short amount of time during the time we worked together. I am feeling much better about them and my own abilities. Thank you Janine! Hayley, Manchester

I have been having regular EFT (emotional Freedom Techniques) sessions with Janine to help me with feelings of self-doubt about building my business. She always manages to cleverly challenge my negative thought patterns in a direct but sensitive way, helping me to see how its actually me thats generating a lot of my own issues! She has taught me that if I’m generating thoughts that aren’t true, I can just un-think them and let it go. She helps me to uncover the core memories that started this and seems to be able to point things out to me that I couldn’t see before but then it’s like a revelation and seems obvious to me. Please book a session with Janine, she can help you with anything and it is so easy and gentle and often even humorous! Jenny, Liverpool

Janine at Change for Success has helped me to filter out a lot of the noise of inefficient thoughts. This was achieved through a number of exercises to help focus on what really matters. As with all things mind related, it can take time and is something you need to continually work on to avoid falling back into your subconscious’ reliance on limiting beliefs. Thank you Janine! Doug, Manchester

After almost 30 years of allowing fear to prevent me from visiting the dentist I could no longer take the pain. A friend suggested I visit Janine for some hypnotherapy. It was truly one of the best decisions of my life. After several sessions I began to understand myself and how the mind works. Janine supplied me with the tools I need to prevent fear from overcoming so many things in my life and I will always be truly thankful (and so are my family). I am most proud to say that just last week I sat calmly in a wonderful dentist,s chair and allowed her to put a needle into my gums. Never would I thought that to be possible. I am stronger and more unpowered through the amazing work of Janine and would recommend her to anybody who needs help. Gail, Manchester

Janine is a very friendly lady who immediately puts you at ease. She quickly understands the nature of the issues and uses brilliant mental exercises to help me overcome my challenges. In the past I have tried to lose weight through exercise, through diet, through exercise and diet and struggled. The missing link was the mental strength to achieve my goals. Although it is a long journey, with Janine’s help, I have lost over a stone in the first month. William, Manchester 

“I have experienced both EFT and hypnotherapy with Janine Mitchell. I was suffering from trauma and I felt sick almost continually and wasn’t able to function socially as I was always close to tears. Since working with Janine, the sick feeling has totally disappeared and I found I was able to socialise with ease. I cannot recommend Janine highly enough; the therapy she has provided has changed my life. She works intuitively and with empathy, is understanding and very professional” Anon, Manchester

When i first heard of Janine, I was in a dark place with a bad gambling addiction. I heard about what she does but was very dubious. However, after one session she helped me to understand what she actually does. After that, all the work we did (only 4 sessions) completely helped me to kick this old habit. Genuinely shocked at how quick she helped me overcome this problem I had. Now i can do things i didn’t think i could manage to do(financially) Best thing i did was seeing Janine to help me with my 10 year gambling problem.Very highly recommended. Paul, Manchester

Experiencing EFT with Janine has given me the opportunity to face many of the fears that I have held onto for the past 10 years following a diagnosis of breast cancer.  Although I thought I had dealt with the experience, it became apparent during my sessions that I had not.  With Janine’s expert guidance, she allowed me to revisit the past and change my view of some of those gruelling moments which had affected my self-confidence and many of my personal experiences and relationships in the last decade.  She showed me compassion and was sensitive to my needs and taught me that I did not need to hold onto the negative belief system I had developed.  She has taught me the power of EFT and how freeing yourself from past traumas can create a happier and more satisfying life.  Thank you Janine – I know I can contact you if I need further support. Lorna, Manchester

I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe everything happens for a reason. That’s why I found Janine. After working with Janine, she managed to uncover something I had NOT A CLUE was buried deeply in my subconscious mind! Cannot thank her more for changing my life! Daria, Manchester

Janine is just a wonderful person who knows her craft so well. She treats whatever you may be feeling with such sensitivity and truth. I feel so so much more confident and comfortable in my own skin and abilities. This is because I went to Janine and we worked on what was bothering me. Don’t hesitate, Janine won’t judge, she will support and help. Thanks so much” Randeep, Manchester

I was terrified at the thought of public speaking. Now I can’t wait for my next speaking gig” I’d agreed to speak at a local conference, then doubt crept in. What if nerves overcame me? What if I forgot what I was going to say? What if my words didn’t come out as I intended? I really wanted to give a good presentation, But I faced the prospect with dread. Janine expertly took me through the EFT tapping process during our course of sessions. I felt completely at ease throughout. Listening to a recording Janine had done for me was the last thing I did on the night before the conference. When I woke up I was rested and confident. Today was going to be good. When I stood up to start the presentation, I felt physically lighter. It’s a perpetual process. My mind continued to clear other limiting beliefs as the weeks passed. I cannot thank Janine enough: “I could not have achieved this without your expertise and caring nature. Janine has made a positive difference to my life. To anyone considering how to free their minds of whatever is limiting their progress I would say: “Call Janine. Book a session with her today.” Sue, Warrington.

I had hypnotherapy with Janine for my phobia of spiders. I wasn’t sure anything would work to clear my fear! Janine talked me through everything to make me understand how it worked and made me feel really comfortable. After completing my sessions with Janine I am so much more calm now. To see a spider and not freak out is such an improvement for me! The mind really is a powerful thing. Thank you Janine xx Leonie, Manchester

“Janine came to us to help with my 5 year old daughter’s fear of dogs. She is now playing with my in laws dog and was even great on a safari park drive and petted a goat. She has gone from being very scared of dogs to loving them! Thank you so much Janine. We will definitely be recommending you” Rachel, Manchester

I recently joined Janine at her EFT groups.  It has been amazing. Janine explains the whole process so well and she makes it easy to follow. The results have been great, I had a painful lower back problem which has now completely gone. I would thoroughly recommend Janine. Jan, Warrington

“Janine has really helped me massively with an emotional block I had which had been going on for about 18 months. During our sessions, I was able to see and feel a huge difference, and things have remained like that. I was amazed with what patterns came out that she then cleared that lead to this block- really brilliant. Definitely recommend seeing her. Thank you so much” Ash, Manchester

“Janine is lovely and worked with my oldest son to overcome his dog phobia and the results have been brilliant! We can now go to the park again. Janine has also worked with two close friends of mine who can’t speak highly enough of her and the amazing results from her support and EFT/hypnotherapy therapies. Thank you Janine!” Hazel, Manchester

“I had an EFT session with Janine last Saturday, she is ace. I can feel an enormous shift in the blocks I’ve been carrying around with me for years. Brilliant stuff. Janine is lovely – caring, kind and extremely talented. I recommend you book a session now!” Jo, Liverpool

“Janine is such a lovely lady and helped my daughter with her sickness phobia, she made us feel completely at ease and gave us a brilliant tool to help manage her fear. Thank you so much” Sam, Liverpool

Janine’s work really helped me and is something that is not only long term effective but can work short term as well. The sessions are really fun and friendly. I have benefitted from dramatic changes, and they have lasted, helping me face new challenges. Really recommend! Millie, Leeds

I attended one of Janine’s EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) groups. I arrived completely deaf in my left ear as a result of infection and left with almost normal hearing. Thanks to Janine and the group for helping me to tap away my deafness in the session, the following day it had totally gone! Thanks Janine Lisa, Manchester


See what others have had to say who have attended Janine’s workshop’s 

I recently attended Janine’s ‘Less Stress, More Success’ workshop, and my eyes have been opened. Not only did I learn new things from a psychology theory perspective, but I have taken away some very effective techniques that I can call upon with ease to help me manage my thoughts and emotions proactively and re-actively. These will be valuable for me and also compliment how I work with my own clients’ emotional intelligence. If you are like me and wake up some mornings just knowing it’s a ‘self doubt’ day, then contact Janine and get ready for an amazing change. James Perryman 

I attended Janine’s ‘Less Stress More Success’ workshop and was blown away at what was covered over the course of the day. The content was excellent which was delivered in an accessible and relatable manner. Janine’s style is perfectly suited to leading the teaching of these techniques which I have been using on a daily basis since. Thank you Janine! Matt Appleby

After attending this workshop, I came away with coping techniques I am finding it easy to do every day to help me keep stress levels in check. I get a better night’s sleep, I’m thinking more clearly and I worry less about things I have no control over. Above all I’m happier.  As a business owner (and previously an employee at a large IT company and then the NHS) it is the one of the most valuable courses I’ve attended in 12 years. If your mindset is right you can overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal. I’d recommend this to managers, directors, HR specialists and business owners who want to reduce stress levels among their staff in order to improve their wellbeing and ultimately their productivity. Sue Lister

Thanks to Janine Mitchell for a fantastic workshop last week, focusing on how to reduce stress levels.
Janine is clearly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does and I can personally vouch for the techniques taught. Thank you! Darren Wilson-Baylay

I had an amazing day on Janines workshop. It was at a time recently when i really needed some positive thinking and she helped me turn myself around to think differently. A very caring lady who puts your needs first and helps you strive forward. Cant thank her enough and would definitely recommend people to attend one of her workshops! Thank you Janine. Sue Bond

I really enjoyed the set up and different elements of this programme. I felt it covered a lot of different techniques so that there was something suitable for everyone. I would recommend this work to others due to the benefits, as the information and techniques can be used for all different situations. Attending the Success and Happiness Programme was very helpful at explaining why we think the thoughts we do but also giving us many tips and techniques on how to overcome negative thinking. I can honestly say I use many of the techniques taught, some daily some less often..The good thing is I am now prepared and able to create my own happiness and success. Thank you! Lillie Pragnell

Knowing that I wanted to change some things in my life I joined the Success and Happiness Programme. It is totally non-judgemental, and there is no expectations placed upon you, other than anything you place on yourself – In fact learning to accept and love yourself is one of the things you learn.  People who know me have often commented on how different I am already. Sally Harris

Learning an insight into the mind is fascinating. There were some really powerful methods taught during these workshops to improve mindset over the long term. I would highly recommend to others. Tom Cumsty

Brilliant morning spent with Janine from Change for Success. Before attending Janine’s workshop, I felt stressed with work and life in general. I left feeling positive, relaxed and re-energised. I will definitely be using the techniques and tools learnt  – thanks so much! Sue Bates