Hypnotherapy ManchesterHere at Change For Success We Offer Stress Management & Resilience Workshops.

We Also Design Bespoke Workshop Packages To Suit Your Requirements. Please Get In Touch If You Don’t See Something That You Need.

Are you or your employees feeling overworked and stressed and is there enough time in the day to complete all work tasks?

Are the complaints of fatigue, anxiety and the struggle to meet deadlines?

Is there a level of staff absenteeism that is causing financial company loss due to staff being off work with stress related problems?

Is there a noticeable drop in productivity as a result of staff stress levels or feelings of lack of being valued?

Here at change for success we offer packages tailored to meet the needs of the corporate client to deliver stress management workshops. What is learnt is invaluable for employers and the management of their staff. It is also has a positive impact on staff morale and company productivity(need another word for this as used twice!)

Some of the principal benefits of attending workshops include-

  • Understand what stress is and how it can affect health, levels of concentration and work-life balance.
  • Learning practical skills to combat stress in the workplace. This is interactive and is both interesting and informative. Useful tools can be learnt to help with work pressures.
  • An insight into how the mind works and how we can apply this understanding and knowledge to reducing our stress levels and being happier and more content in the workplace.
  • Delegates will be provided with relaxation and visualisation techniques.
  • Learn new positive ways in which we can reduce stress and develop other skills such as confidence, assertiveness or time management skills.

Workshop Programmes

Janine also runs three month workshop programmes that provide the following –

  • Powerful tools and techniques to develop your mindset
  • Strategies to build resilience and increase productivity
  • The ability to remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • How to focus on what you want
  • The ability to achieve the goals you truly desire

It is well known that the most successful people invest in their personal development on a daily basis. Why don’t you invest in you now!

Janine’s workshop programmes include the following –

2 interactive, life-changing workshops

Monthly online support sessions

An accountability buddy

Direct access to Janine whenever you need it

Please contact Janine on the form below for more information

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What others have said –

“The workshop I attended is amazing, I have loved every minute and I use all the tools and techniques in my daily life”

“Fabulous workshop, I’ve come away with an amazing set of tools that will enable me to be much more positive and so much more productive”

Would you like Janine to help you? Then call for a no obligation chat on 07854273916.

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