How can I relieve stress?

Stress is now so commonplace in the world we live in. Things are meant to be getting easier, but life appears to becoming more stressful, right? So what can we do to relieve stress? I am going to share with you six simple and very effective stress busting tips that...

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I owe you my life!

  “I owe you my life”!   This is what a client told me this week. She further went on to say, you made such a huge difference and helped me so much in a matter of weeks that I cocktail of meds, Counselling and CBT couldn’t do in years.     How amazing is that! This...

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I’m glad last week got people talking!

  Mental health awareness week certainly raised awareness. It got people discussing mental health, and being okay about it. Which I’m very pleased about. But it’s okay to keep talking about this. Great to raise awareness, but it’s okay to talk about these kind of...

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